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Make Sure That You Always Taste Enhanced E-Juice Flavor

Make Sure That You Always Taste Enhanced E-Juice Flavor

New vapers, especially those who have just switched from traditional cigarettes are expectantly more interested in trying out various tobacco flavors. However, as you go along there are several amazing flavors that you can try depending on your personal taste. To make sure that you get the maximum amount of flavor from each vape, here are some things that you can try. It is not just about how to choose best e liquid!

Choose Higher PG Ratio

PG is an ejuice base which is made of synthetic substances. The best thing about PG is that it has no flavor of its own and can thus help the flavoring agent in the e-juice reach its full potential. An e-juice with an 80/20 PG to VG ratio is generally considered to be the best choice.

Try Different Flavors

If you keep on using the same flavor without any kind of variations, it is likely to give rise to something known as the vaper’s tongue. This is when the vaper’s taste buds are so used to one particular flavor that they cannot taste it anymore. There is no harm in keeping coming back to your favorite flavor while choosing best eliquid but make sure that there are some variations in between.

Steep the E-Juice

Some vapers prefer to steep their e-juice for some time before it is used to get as much flavor from it as possible. This is done by letting the e-juice bottle sit in a cool and dark room for a minimum of two weeks before the lid is taken off and the liquid is allowed to breathe and become more flavorful. Some e-juices may take a couple of months to be completely ready.

Lastly, it is important to stay hydrated between vaping sessions to make sure that you get the entire flavor.